Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year diploma or degree course designed to enhance career of students, who are interested in managing business operations. This program offers excellent career opportunities to students and improves their earning potentials.

MBA graduates from the best management college in Dehradun with their excellent strategic approach to decision-making, better leadership qualities and sharp business acumen get numerous job opportunities to work at top-level management positions with leading companies. Further, because of their adaptable approach to ever-changing business environments, they are capable keep business stable during economic turmoil.

Further, those who want to pursue MBA can do business specialization in different subjects like human resources, finance, marketing, economics, and management among others. Students can concentrate more with exhaustive studies on subjects like leadership in IT industry, global management and various other sectors.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss some specializations in which students can pursue MBA. It will help you in deciding in which specialization you should pursue MBA.


MBA in Marketing helps students in formulating new strategies for brand promotion, which aids in recognition of product. Pursuing MBA in this domain is particularly useful for brand promotion. You after pursuing MBA in this specialization can get excellent job opportunities in the advertising industry and can work for advertising campaigns.

Human Resources (HR):

MBA in HR offers huge scope as the professionals from this field are responsible for managing all the activities that comes under the umbrella of Human Resource Management. These professionals take care of hiring process, staff management, employees’ salary, etc. They also look after the training and development sessions of employees.


This subject offers several opportunities to candidates to work on higher positions. They can work as financial officer in an organization. In addition, they can take a job in accountancy, investment banking, corporate finance, insurance agency or any other job related to finance.


The main responsibility of MBA Graduates in Finance is to examine and prepare company’s financial records. They ensure the accuracy of financial records and check if the taxes are paid on time. These professionals keep an eye on the financial activities of an organization. 

MBA degree of a top management institute in Uttarakhand offers students a competitive edge over others. These institutions with their state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, top-notched faculty and hi-tech classrooms ensure overall development of students and offers excellent career opportunities to them for a bright future. These institutions inculcate real managerial skills to students to prepare them for the present business scenario.