Top free nature trails in the UK

Our regular weekend cycle involves a bed, Netflix and some popcorns. Let fall out of this ordinary routine and head out straight close to nature amidst the fresh climate and green sight to please our eyes. It could start with a walk in your backyard to the tremendously large nature parks all around the UK. These walks aren’t just for the namesake- they’re life-assuring getaways with promising scenery, sprawling trails and rugged coastlines. If you ever had a thought of hiking or trailing, here’s the time and place, just visit to get some discount when checkout.

Lairig Ghru (Cairngorms)

Although it might be a long distance, to begin with, the pro hikers will find it easy as it is just 19miles which covers up 2days. The hike is demanding, and if you’re ready to soak up yourself to the rugged Cairngorms, you should take it on. The path trails along Aviemore which steadies you into an incline through the forest before you reach the northern entrance to Lairig Ghru. Once you are on the canny trail, your network is bound to die, so have one of the ordnance survey maps.

Great Glen Way

If you are a regular hiker and want a week-long trip to the nature spots, Great Glen Way is just the right way for you. The trail stretched 79 miles starting from the West Highland Way at the Fort William and meets two most popular lochs, i.e. Loch Lochy and Loch Ness, the most adorable features of Scotland. The trail needs seven days to complete with a halt wherever required (pack your needfuls) in between the greenery.

Seven Sisters, East Sussex

These beautiful series of chalk cliffs by the English channel form a part of the South Downs in East Sussex in England. It is a 13.8 to 14 miles long trail with undulating hilltops near Birling Gap. The path brings you closer to the shoreline in places so you can pack your wetsuits or swimmers for a sunny day. It is a narrow trail of the South Downs Way with another great landmark – Beachy Head, the tallest chalk cliff in Britain. It is quite dangerous to walk close to the edge as erosion persists these days.

Wildlife galore, Isle of Mull

A short trail in the remote place on the southern shores of Mull, Lochbuie, has a ruined castle which is well preserved. The path is a short one stretching 3-6 miles with often visiting Dolphins and seals, eagles, otters, red-throated divers, etc. The place is a scenic beauty with a vast diversity of flora and fauna. A close starting point is the Old Post Office where you can buy some refreshments.

Top free nature trails in the UK

Falls of Glomach, Ross-shire

Another short trail extends to the Falls of Glomach which is at 114 metres with the highest waterfalls anywhere in the UK. The descent is a gravity gushing depth loving path yet the hidden falls have something curious to pay a visit. The falls appear as you climb up and up to the peak. The reason behind its disappearance is mainly the position which is up a narrow gorge in the corner of the highlands of Scotland. The climb begins with a dense forest shortly after which emerge the highland scenery. The weather here is drastically fickling so pack all the necessities.

Stanage Edge, Peak District

You can explore the Peak District with a classic trek along the gritstone cliffs. It is a short day walk stretching 9 miles starting from Hathersage and leading you to the stunning variety of cliffs along the path, whichever route you take. The trail is easy comparatively with an ascent of 350m. You may also come across the abandoned millstones and its haunting debris, a hair-raising sight!

Bochlwyd Horseshoe, Wales

Bochlwyd Horseshoe is a short trail from the foot of Tryfan covering 5.3 miles to Y Gribin Ridge which is approximately a 6-hour journey. It is a non-stop adventurous trek for the mountain lovers on a short weekend. In winter, it becomes a challenging path for the Mountaineers with little difficulty in the Grade II path. The bristly ridge ascends and exposes a bit after a narrow gully, and the route extends to The Cannon rock on Tryfan’s North Ridge, Snowdonia.