Randal Benjamin 3 Key Steps to Help Basketball Learners Improve Their Shooting Stance

Young children aspiring to learn basketball need to understand a very important fact. This is not a difficult team game to master. They just need a good coach, know the basics and never forget to practice diligently.  They should be able to do so from different angles even at a distance. Many of them may not be very tall. However, this shouldn’t stop them from being able to shoot the ball correctly. They just need to ensure their form is correct especially their stance.

Randal Benjamin How to improve your stance before taking a shot in basketball?

Randal Benjamin is a resident from Las Vegas, Nevada who loves to talk about basketball. He plays the sport both at the college and professional level. He even shares his views about the game with other like-minded people. Whenever he gets the opportunity, he trains your children to play the game. He even goes to the extent of correcting their techniques and organizing contests. The Los Angeles Lakers happen to be one of his most favorite teams. He watches all their NBA matches regardless of how busy he is. However, the performance of the Oakland Raiders also impresses him.

Randal Benjamin 3 Key Steps to Help Basketball Learners Improve Their Shooting Stance

This basketball fan says learners need to know how to shoot the ball into the hoop accurately. Only then can they expect to earn a point in any game. He points out the following three important steps they should remember to master this technique:

  1. Maintain the correct stance

When it comes to learning how to shoot the ball correctly, the learner must maintain the proper position. They should keep their feet apart, but it should exceed their shoulder width. One foot must be slightly in front of another. They are using it to take the shot. In doing so, they need to turn their feet at an angle of 10 to 45 degrees to the right. This enables them to align their elbows to the hoop.

  1. Flex the knees

When attempting to take a shot, learners need to flex their knees. However, if the lock them for any reason, their opponents may throw them off balance. It also enables them to get better height on the jump before throwing the ball. They should keep this aspect in mind when practicing this technique. With continuous practice, they can soon get into the right stance without thinking about it.

  1. Attempting the shot

When jumping forward to take the shot, learners need to keep their shoulders back. They have got to remember the momentum of the shot comes from the turn they make. It becomes less accurate if they fling the ball forwards with their chest or arms. In the practice session, they try jumping to a range of 0 to 90 degrees without the ball. This helps to improve their turn.

Randal Benjamin says a correct stance is important for taking an accurate shot in basketball. Beginners need to focus on this aspect during the practice sessions. The above three important steps can help them in this respect. With constant practice, they’ll be able to do it without thinking.