The modest guide to making your best CV by Scarlett Curtis

Making a great CV does not mean that you have to follow some stringent rules and regulations every time. Every resume is one of its kind. The purpose of a good CV is to tell your prospective employer about your key skills and experience that are relevant for the job you are applying to.

One of the major problems is that CV will require you to promote your positive skills and highlight your expertise which can be tricky for a person who wishes to be modest. Even if you do not want it, you will have to boast about yourself in your CV.

Famous personality Scarlett Curtis has mentioned some of the most basic principles of highlighting your skills and abilities without sounding like a self-promotional person.

Guide to making your best CV by Scarlett Curtis

  • Make your CV a little self-congratulatory in order to compete with other applicants. Get in your right mind-set and make your CV because this is what your prospective employers will expect to see. Mention only about the relevant facts about yourself.
  • Mention about all the relevant experiences, credentials and training in your CV as it will hold more weight to your resume. Your employers will want to know that you have worked in a similar environment before and so that you can easily adapt yourself in your new job.

The modest guide to making your best CV by Scarlett Curtis

  • You should sound like a team player in your resume as it will focus on your teams’ accomplishment along with you. You can demonstrate what you are capable of achieving when you work as a team player. You will obviously have to work in teams in future and if you are not able to handle the pressure of working in a group of people either as a team leader or as a team player, then you will face a lot of problems in your professional career.